Why you need to say goodbye to the bleach bath and hello to Colour Reset

Until now, the bleach bath has been a necessary, but harsh, way to remove colour from hair. It can be difficult to get it right, and it nearly always adds risk and complexity to the process of colour removal, with the potential for further damage to the hair, even though you add shampoo to the bleach and peroxide. With Colour Reset, you’ll never use a bleach bath again.

Read on to find out why Colour Reset is taking the hairdressing world by storm.


Colour Reset means no damage

Colour Reset uses No Ammonia, No Bleach and contains Argan Oil for unparalleled condition and shine. It allows you to gently remove colour efficiently and leave the hair feeling conditioned, smooth and silky. Hairdressers who have used Colour Reset have been amazed that a product so efficient at removing colour can also leave the hair undamaged and in better condition than before.


Three Simple Steps

Apply and develop, rinse and buffer. That’s it. Done. Colour Reset is so easy to use and can be applied by an assistant. We made sure that the whole application process for Colour Reset is simple and set out in three easy steps.

You can also get up to five applications from each box of Colour Reset, depending on how much you use, so each box pays for itself several times over, meaning more money for your salon.


DIY Disasters

More and more clients are choosing to colour their hair at home, which is bad news for hair generally. Box colour strips condition and leaves the hair lank and dry. Box colour also builds up over months and years of use, which means a bleach bath used to be the only way to remove it. The good news is that clients are waking up to the fact that they need to come to professional salons to fix their box colour nightmares. Colour Reset is the ultimate first aid kit to fix all DIY disasters.


Let your clients know

Clients are always looking for new, exciting products that are game changers. You could send an email to your client database letting them know about Colour Reset and what it means for them. Better still, organise a client evening and show a demo of Colour Reset being used and explain its benefits for the clients.


Think about your average bills

Savvy salon owners are able to increase clients’ average bills by offering Colour Reset as a new service, which is a great way to increase salon turnover. With so much box colour being used, it makes sense to offer a service to remove it. Colour Reset salons are seeing high demand for this service, with often only one appointment needed to remove the box colour build up and then recolour with a professional product.


Social Media

We all know the importance of social media, from a client point of view before and after images that showcase your colour work is a great way to attract new clients. Showing the results you can achieve with Colour Reset on your social media channels has great impact and will bring enquiries from clients, particularly those with damaged hair and colour build up.


About Colour Reset

With so much competition between salons, it’s critical to try and gain a competitive edge over other salons wherever you can. Stocking and using Colour Reset gives you a new revenue stream automatically, will bring you new clients and greatly increase your client satisfaction scores.

Try Colour Reset now and you could become the go to salon in your area for this type of service. Don’t miss out.


How can you buy Colour Reset?

To become a Colour Reset stockist, please call +44 (0)20 3950 5268 or email info@colourreset.com