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What a colour transformation!

Another amazing result using Colour Reset!

Colour Reset, doesn’t have to be used for the big colour changes! . Overtoned= Colour Reset

COLOUR RESET . Look at that hair! created this beautiful colour change!

From Brown To Blonde by . Absolutely Beautiful result ! We love seeing your results. Trust the Process! Colour Reset used to go from dark to light 💡

⚠️NO BLEACH USED TO REMOVE RED ⚠️ . @hair_by_jade_sullivan, used Colour Reset to remove the red WITHOUT Bleach!

Back to Blonde!

The best way to get back to a good base ! Colour Reset makes it easy to change colour without having to use bleach to strip the hair!

Colour nightmare!? Not for @ooh_la_la_atherstone after applying Colour Reset. The hair was taken back to the last oxyidised level of lift giving a perfect canvas to apply bleach and toner for this great finish...amazing.

Amazing result from Felicity Parker @salon57! Not only has the dark been removed, the shine and condition has improved thanks to the benefits of the Argan Oil in Colour Reset.

Great work @changeshairdulwich! When you have coloured your hair for so long you forget your natural colour! Let Colour Reset remind you whilst improving the condition of your hair.

Over use of toner? don't panic.

Rather than Bleaching dark hair use Colour Reset to lighten the colour!

Apply Colour Reset to remove ash from overtoned blondes.

Look at that SHINE!

No Ammonia!


No more Bleach baths! No Damage! No Bleach! No Ammonia!

Love Colour Change? Hate bleach baths?
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