Why Use Colour Reset?

What have been the options until now?

Bleach Bath

  • Uncontrollable
  • Damages the condition
  • Uneven result
  • Scalp irritation
  • Time Consuming

Harsh Strippers

  • Unreliable and can lift the natural base
  • Uncontrollable
  • Damages the condition
  • Root glow

Salons often turn away colour removal requests due to lack of confidence and experience in salon products.

Features & Benefits

Gently removes colour from hair efficiently

  • Removes all artificial colour safely and in 3 easy steps
  • Zero Ammonia - Zero Bleach
  • Does not lift natural depth or tone virgin hair
  • Contains Argan Oil to help improve hair condition
  • Helps prevent fly-away hair and improves texture
  • Restores hair's natural shine and lustre
  • Removes product build-up
  • Not tested on animals and suitable for vegans
  • Hair can be re-coloured immediately after use
  • Can be repeated up to 3 times on one head in 24 hours
  • Gives colourists/stylists confidence and takes away colour fears

How does Colour Reset work?

Colour Reset reverses the hair colouring process. A permanent hair colour works by depositing small artificial pigment molecules inside the hair. 

If you think of hair as a swimming pool, imagine those artificial pigment molecules as hundreds of marbles. All permanent hair colour requires hydrogen peroxide to create a permanent result. 

Peroxide causes something called 'oxidation' meaning the hydrogen peroxide 'oxidises' when the air hits it. This causes the artificial hair molecules (marbles) to expand (to the size of colourful footballs) and become trapped inside the hair (swimming pool). 

Because those colour molecules have expanded they simply cannot be washed from the hair – no matter how hard you try – they are trapped and permanent. 

Colour Reset works by reversing the colour process. When mixed and applied to the hair, parts 1 and 2 of Colour Reset are able to shrink those big (football) artificial hair colour molecules back to their original (marble) size, enabling them to be rinsed away. 

Colour Reset shrinks the artificial colour molecules and washes them from the hair, revealing the lightest, previous shade. This shade may be lighter than the natural colour, as bleach and ammonia from previous colour treatments may have lightened the natural pigment.

 About Colour Reset Diagram