Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Colour Reset hair colour remover?

Use Colour Reset to safely and gently remove artificial hair colour without causing damage to the hair, and allowing you - as a colourist/stylist - so a blank canvas to work with!!


Who is Colour Reset hair colour remover suitable for?

Every client who has coloured their hair with an oxidised colour. Colour Reset will remove all colour, irrespective of how long you have coloured your hair. There are certain conditions, such as silicone damage, that may trap the colour molcules, which may stop Colour Reset from penetrating the cuticle.


Does Colour Reset remove all colourants?

It is very effective at removing all professional salon and DIY oxidised permanent colours. It will not work on non-oxidised colours, such as fashion colour stains (red, blue, green, etc.). It will also not remove bleach, as it has permanently altered the natural pigment of the hair.


Can I do partial colour removal?

Yes, however, instead of the full 60-minute process, check the hair every 10 minutes.


How many times can I use Colour Reset colour removal?

You can apply Colour Reset up to 3 times within any 24 hours


How soon can I recolour after using Colour Reset?

You can colour immediately after using Colour Reset but please be aware that colourants contain ammonia and bleach, which can cause damage to scalp and hair, if overused.


Will Colour Reset damage or dry the client's hair?

Colour Reset is ammonia and bleach free, which won't cause your client's hair condition to worsen. It also contains Argan Oil that will enrich, condition and add shine to the hair. However, we do not recommend use if the client's hair is damaged, breaking or hair loss.


Can I use Colour Reset if I am pregnant?

Yes. However, it is recommended that you consult your doctor to be sure that it is not going to effect you personally. It is always vital that you perform a patch test for allergic reaction.


How many levels of lift can be achieved with Colour Reset?

Colour Reset takes the client's hair back to their lightest, previous shade. This shade may be lighter than the natural colour, as bleach and ammonia from previous colour treatments may have lightened the natural pigment.


My client loves to change their hair colour every 6 weeks. Can I use Colour Reset and still maintain their hair condition?

Yes, but some technical services can damage and cause stress to the hair. It is essential to maintain a home haircare routine.