Have You Tried The Colour Technician's Guardian Angel?

Now that winter is officially over, it’s a time of year when everyone starts to look ahead to the summer and planning what they’ll do with the warmer part of the year.

The arrival of spring often brings us humans out of hibernation as well as the animals. Our little bursts of energy fuel big intentions of spring cleans and make-overs plus the odd diet here and there ready for the summer holidays.

It’s also a time of year when salons start to get more booked up as our customers dust off their cobwebs.  They’ll now pay more attention to the latest colour trends this season so having Colour Reset in your salon is as good as having a guardian angel watching over the potential colour mishaps around you.  

Here’s why you can’t afford to miss out on your own divine intervention…

Offer More Variety...

There was a time when having your hair coloured in a salon was for the more daring amongst us or for those who had a disposable income able to keep up with the re-colours.   

Not any more though!

With premium quality colours being so readily available now, you can offer colours in every shade to suit all tastes and your customers might even be wanting to try a bolder shade this season.  Having Colour Reset on hand allows your customers to try their new colour far more confidently without the fear of going home looking scarier than Cruella De Ville!

Glossy and Gorgeous…

If your customer has naturally dull hair, offering a colour which is similar to their own shade but a tone or two warmer will leave their hair feeling amazing whilst shimmering and being super glossy.

Most colours have a multi tone to them too so even applying a mid-brown for instance will have many hues to it which almost dance under the light.

Your customer will love what a difference even a subtle shade change can make and the Colour Reset protection helpfully turns a potentially scary decision into a safe bet.

Attract Older Clientele…

Many of the statistics we’re bombarded with these days, show that the youngsters among us tend to spend more on their appearance - probably due to the combination of having a decent social life and less financial commitments.  Those were the days eh!

Some of your older clientele may not have coloured their hair before so the thought of starting now may be a little too scary to entertain.

The horror stories running through their mind are often way worse than any 18 rated movie, so having Colour Reset there as protection for them could be enough to coax them into giving colour a chance.  Keeping a record of your success stories will also show how well Colour Reset has worked for people you’ve rescued already.

Dye Longer Hair More Confidently…

If your customers lovely long locks which have taken an eon to grow are their pride and joy, they’re understandably going to be tentative about applying any colour to them.

It’s not like a crop where you can cut it off and it’s back again in 6 weeks is it!

Having Colour Reset to hand will give your cautious clients the confidence to try a new colour they may have been previously putting off.  The fact that Colour Reset also leaves hair feeling amazing too is just an added bonus so those cherished tresses can stay in safe hands.

Sell Colour Reset In Your Product Range…

You can’t win them all.  There’s always going to be the home-dye crowd who prefer to dye their own hair in the comfort of their own home.  Whether it’s cost based or that they prefer to keep control, this is a big market in itself.

They’re not immune to hair disasters though so if you promote that you are the local stockist of Colour Reset, you’ll be their port of call if ever they need a hair disaster recovery!

You can find out more information about Colour Reset or how to become a stockist here.