Colour Is Big Business - Here's Your Safety Net

When you’re in the throes of running your salon from day to day, it sometimes feels almost impossible to plan ahead.  With the amount of salons at an all-time high, you need to make sure you stand out for all of the right reasons....

Keeping up with trends, being trustworthy and reliable and let’s not forget being profitable so you can stick around for your clients!

Offering Colour Reset as a way to ‘save’ hair disasters makes too much business sense to ignore.  The beauty of this is that you can offer your colour services to your clients more confidently than ever!

You know that colour is an important offering in any decent salon, but are you really maximising how you manage your colour offerings?  

Here’s five ways of working colour into your repeat business without the hard sell...

Bump Up The Average Spend

It doesn’t take a genius to see that colour adds up when we’re looking at your client spend.  But it really does so you need to be looking at every client who sits in front of you in a LOT of detail.  

  • If they have the same style every time, a gentle colour change can make that style stand out.
  • If they’re making changes to their clothing, suggest a hair colour change to complement their style exploration.
  • Has a life event happened recently which would knock their confidence? A new colour can feel like a makeover and boost their self-esteem so work with them on this to boost their lowered confidence.

Having Colour Reset as your ‘undo’ can make a world of difference to your more cautious clients.

Adds Variety And Bonds You With Your Client

You’ll always know what the current trends are, so your clients will in turn ‘include’ you in their style decisions and ask for your advice.  The beauty market is HUGE and an area where disposable cash is not just spent - it’s regularly spent.  They are spending money on their looks anyway, so you may as as well channel the money into your salon as opposed to that of your competitors.

By offering ALL of the colours and services people want, they’ll never need to exclude you. Simply knowing they can trust you to run suggestions by, gives you some very valuable information which will ultimately add to your bottom line.

Effortlessly Introduce A Style Strategy

Everyone knows that the hairdressers of the world are party to a LOT of secrets.  It’s who people talk to as the one-to-one dynamic on a regular basis. Instead of doing the small talk first (which is not usually that small tbh is it!) why not use that time to find out what’s ahead for your clients?

If you’re running a little behind when they arrive and you know there’s going to be a wait, why not have a few questionnaires on clipboards you can give to them to get them thinking about what would make them feel great this year with your help?

This way, by the time they sit down, they’ll be in style mode and it will be super easy to discuss potential colour suggestions without it feeling like a hard sell. If you’re doing this well it will feel exciting to them to plan their looks with you.

Thinking A-Head

This part may sound calculating, but the biggest bonus of knowing your clients well and them trusting you, is that you can work with the information you have.  Knowing when their birthday is, means you can offer a mini hair make-over for instance or a ‘special offer colour’ if they don’t currently dye their hair as a special treat.  Reminding them that Colour Reset is available helps to minimise any jitters for first time colours!

Knowing they have job interviews coming up could be an opportunity to boost confidence with a bolder colour. Weddings and special events are all opportunities for you to help them feel their best. Make sure you are comfortable with asking what you can do ‘together’ in a way that feels natural to you and training all of your staff on this too will make a difference to takings very quickly.

The Fortune Is In The Follow Up

Repeat business is the backbone of your business.  Introducing colour to a client who doesn’t usually colour is not only boosting the initial outlay of the first colouring, but it’s a regular top up to their bill too.

We’re assuming here that you’ll always have your client’s interests at heart and not your takings…

But, once you have one or two styles that you’ve worked together on which have made your client feel fantastic, means they’ll happily spend a little extra when you suggest it.  If they know that a Colour Reset is always there ‘in case of emergency’ they’ll relax into being a little more adventurous too!

Making sure that you book in your clients’ colour top-ups before they leave the salon and even adding reminders into your own systems to send them a reminder will all convert to sales as you’re making their return to you super easy!

Colour Reset needs to part of your own growth strategy.  If you don’t currently stock it, here’s where you can become a stockist +44(0)20 3950 5268 or email