Be Ready For These 5 Hair Trends Due This Summer

It wouldn’t be Spring, if we weren’t seeing what’s a-head! with the trending hair colours for the year.  We’re extra excited here too, because using Colour Reset means you no longer need to stick to a similar colour palette to what you currently have!

Whatever your current shade, a Colour Reset will let you start all over again without the faff of growing out a colour or resorting to drastic bleaching methods.  Plus, if you don’t like your new colour?  Simply ‘Colour Reset’ and you’re good to go again - straight away!

So without further ado, let’s take a look at the big players predicted for 2019’s colours. Did we mention, that we ‘just happen’ to have this fantastic product which allows you to undo your colour disasters?


Rich Copper

In terms of colour, this is almost the “Go Big or Go Home” version!  There have always been lots of reds about over the years, but with the advances in colours and pigments, the colours we have available now are simply gorgeous.  Some are far more subtle than others, but the copper we’re sporting this year is one that is going to be a shade or 10 more vibrant than a natural redhead!

Too orange to be scarlet but definitely not just a bronze, get this colour in some sunlight and it will be absolutely stunning especially on longer locks - this colour definitely says “I mean business” as you'll not go unnoticed in a crowd with this beauty.


Mushroom Brown

Not everyone wants a vibrantly bright colour greeting them in the mirror each morning.  Some of us prefer a slightly more toned-down approach to our statements, but certainly with no less impact if you get it right. Brown is one of the more natural looking palettes so has always been a firm favourite. One of the popular browns this year is Mushroom Brown literally named after the ashy grey-brown colour of the Portobello mushroom. 

If you're opting for a ‘cool’ look this season, this is your go-to tone as the ashy hues of a cool blonde combined with brown give this an accent that will almost change before your eyes as the contrast of your skin tone changes with the sun.



Blonde is always going to be up there as it’s such a timeless classic.  Blonde makes such an instant difference to your complexion so once the warmer weather is here, blonde is the perfect accompaniment to our sun kissed skin tones too.

Warm blondes are going to be big this year with ombre still featuring very heavily.  Whether you want to go for the straight off the beach look or maybe something a bit more grungey - not having to worry about your roots means more time to enjoy the sunshine!


Iridescent Lilac

It would be almost rude of us to exclude the more daring colours usually reserved for a rainbow’s appearance.  With colour selections named after mythical creatures such as Mermaids and Unicorns, there is nothing fictional about these colours still having a strong presence in in 2019, with lilac featuring very heavily on the catwalks and runways of late.

Being only one or two shades brighter than the still popular ash-grey, this is also quite a flexible colour to go for as it naturally fades to a paler version so it’s not the end of the world if you’re not keeping up with the top up colour.   What we particularly like about this colour is it seems to suit most skin tones and is pretty forgiving.  So if you are looking for something a little different to liven things up a little this would be a great choice.

The beauty of this one too is that underneath it is blonde so all you will need is a quick Colour Reset and you really do have a blank canvas to put any of those other rainbow colours onto so this one is perfect for playful experimentation!

If you’re looking for a change, just applying a new colour to an existing cut can make it seem like an entirely different style.  We’re passionate about everyone being able to express themselves, so knowing what’s trending this year, may give you that little bit of confidence to try a new hue.


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