Stock this product now because your clients will be asking for it!

We’ve all had those moments when a client walks into the salon looking like their hair is about to fall out from being home-coloured so much. You want to grab them by the shoulders and shake some sense into them for neglecting their hair so badly, and then having the audacity to ask you to sort the problem out.

Even worse is when they walk into the salon in that condition having had their hair ruined by another salon.

Up until now, there have been limited options to deal with situations like these. Option one, cut the hair short and start again, but of course most clients don’t want to take such drastic action. Option two, a bleach bath. You know that this may well further damage the hair and leave the client even more upset, or worse, burn their scalp in the process and leave them doubly upset and threatening to take you to court.

As a professional, you care about your clients and want to do the very best for them, but sometimes it isn’t easy to choose between these two drastic options. Have you ever thought how great it would be to have a product in the salon that could solve these nightmares and leave the hair in better condition than when you started?

Meet Colour Reset, your new go to product for safe colour removal. Let’s take a closer look at this amazing new product.


What is Colour Reset?

Colour Reset is a brand-new colour removal product that doesn’t contain bleach or ammonia. It gently removes all artificial colour safely in just three simple steps. More importantly, it will not lift natural depth or tone virgin hair.

Colour Reset takes away the colour and resets the hair without causing further damage. You can even re-colour the same day. The product contains argan oil which conditions the hair and leaves it with a beautiful shine and a very happy client.


Why choose Colour Reset?

Colour Reset has shown in test after test that it safely removes colour from hair and leaves the hair in better condition. That’s the key reason why hairdressers all over the world are stocking their shelves with Colour Reset right now.

The hair colour market continues to grow and taking your share of this market should be part of your salon growth strategy:

  • 69% of women have experienced some application of hair colour
  • Women spend an estimated £10,000 on colour products in their life time
  • 1 out of 16 women have coloured their hair for so long they don’t remember their natural colour
  • Young women start to explore colour as young as aged 13
  • 21% of men colour their hair at home
  • 38% of men aged 16-24 colour their hair


How does Colour Reset work?

Colour Reset works by reversing the colour process. When mixed and applied to the hair, Colour Reset shrinks the artifcial hair colour molecules back to their original size. Once the hair is rinsed and buffered, these colour molecules are rinsed away from the hair without fear of re-oxidation (the molecules re-expanding).

The Argan Oil in Colour Reset conditions the hair at the same time to leave it in better condition and looking healthy and shiny.


Just look at the feedback from stylists who are already using Colour Reset

“I used colour reset today on my client as she wanted to go lighter. We were so happy with the results and there was no need to re-colour. I love the results; the hair felt amazing after, the shine on the hair was amazing.”

Donna Thomas from Crackers & Chaps

“I used Colour Reset on a client who had previously used home box colour for years.
Very impressed with the results and the feel of the hair afterwards. Colour Reset is going to be an amazing product for hairdressers.”

Jo Bostock from Fuss Salon

“Incredible, it’s not only lifted three shades, but it has done it very evenly and without damage. I was able to colour the roots immediately after the process without it being porous unlike other colour removers. Very happy with Colour Reset.”

Helen Tether from Helen Tether Award Winning Hair

“Amazing result! So easy to work with and apply, hair feels amazing! Very very impressed!!”

Barry Maddox from Francesco Group Ringwood

“My client has been living in Spain and has had a build-up of toners. I was so impressed as no further colouring was needed. Colour Reset was really easy to use and caused no damage.”

Nicola Rutherford from Zazu Hairdressing



Colour Reset is an essential add-on to your existing colour business

With so much competition between salons, it’s critical to try and gain a competitive edge over other salons wherever you can. Stocking and using Colour Reset gives you a new revenue stream automatically, will bring you new clients and greatly increase your client satisfaction scores.

Try Colour Reset now and you could become the go to salon in your area for this type of service. Don’t miss out.

How can you buy Colour Reset?

If you wish to become a Colour Reset stockist, please call us on +44 (0)20 3950 5268 or email