Say Goodbye To The Bleach Bath Forever!

Before the arrival of Colour Reset, the only solutions to a hair disaster (besides growing it out!), were to either colour over it with another dye, or to try to bleach the results back out. None of these are ideal when looking at the damage that these treatments can cause to your hair.

Colour Reset is our fantastic product which does exactly as it says.  It reduces the colour molecules in your hair to strip it back to the previous oxidised colour.

Why is this an advantage we hear you ask?  This week we’re exploring one of the Colour Reset alternatives - the Bleach Bath...


What is a Bleach Bath?

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work this one out does it?

Bleach baths are often promoted as being less damaging than a normal bleach process would be.

This is because in a bleach bath, you will mix the Hydrogen Peroxide with shampoo and apply it to wet hair.

Applying dyes to dry hair has a far stronger effect on the hair, which is why this is adopted as most of the time there is an intention for a bleach to make a statement.  You don’t go for the bleach bottle unless you want people to notice!

In the case of a bleach bath, mixing the shampoo with the Hydrogen Peroxide and washing your hair with it, will lighten it a shade if it is already bleached or in this instance, it is often used to undo a hair colour which has gone a little wrong.

If you have a hair colour disaster you need to quickly fix, Colour Reset is the product you need in your salon.


Does a Bleach Bath damage my hair?

Whilst a bleach bath is not as intense or damaging as applying bleach to dry hair, you can’t escape the fact that you are still applying Hydrogen Peroxide to your hair.

This is all well and good if you feel like the bleach bath is going to be the solution to your hair colour disaster, but if you run the risk of reacting to the bleach then it isn't quite the simple fix that you might have been looking for.

This is a time to be nurturing and conditioning the hair after the damage of the colour already applied, rather than applying more bleach.

The Colour Reset process will simply shrink the colour molecules back out rather than bleach or damage the hair so is a much gentler way of trying to restore your hair back to its former glory.


Is it risky using a bleach bath?

Using a bleach bath is less damaging than applying a standard bleach of course, however as with any chemicals, whether natural or not, there is always a risk involved.

Let's face it, we have often had our sights on a certain style or trend and decided to disregard the advice on the packet.  We were warned to be careful but we took the risk anyway in the name of fashion!

This is no time for ‘I told you so’ though...

C’mon folks - everybody has a fashion faux pas in their history don't they?

Luckily though, using Colour Reset will simply undo the last colour that you applied to your hair without any risk of damage to your follicles or hair.

So you can relax a little - at least you don't have to go outside donning that latest disaster!  Now THAT would have been risky wouldn’t it!


Don’t forget to do your skin test!

If your focus is to get the current disaster which is haunting you from your bathroom mirror fixed, the last thing you're going to want to be doing is waiting!

As with all colour products, you should always be doing a skin test to ensure that you're not going to have a reaction.

Most skin tests will tell you to apply the product to an exposed area of skin, we recommend the crease of the arm and wait 24 to 48 hours to see if a reaction occurs.  If you are trying to rid yourself of your current hair horror, this will feel like an absolute eternity.


Colour Reset - gorgeously does it...

In our celebration of saying goodbye to bleach baths as a hair disaster remedy, last but very not least, is how gorgeous your hair looks after using Colour Reset.

If you have already applied a bleach that has gone wrong and then another bleach bath to rectify it, your hair could be extremely fragile and break very easily. 

This is going to take months of very careful treatment and gentle processing to minimise the long-term damage to your hair.

Using Colour Reset will bypass the damage in this process, with the only risk of damage being from the initial colour disaster.

Don't just take our word for it though - take a look at our gallery for some ‘before and after’ pictures of the fantastic results people have shared from their Colour Reset applications.