Colour Reset will bring you new clients, here's why

Walk through even the quietest of high streets, and you may find there are many chains closing up shop, but hair salons are rarely one of them.  It’s a thriving industry so you need to be creative with more than just your scissors to stand out.

Here’s how Colour Reset can give you that edge over the competition...

Clients who only usually colour at home

There is often a misconception that colouring in salons is far more expensive than it actually is, so many people opt for home DIY hair colours purely because of cost.  As with most things in life though, the cost is usually relative.  In the case of salon technical services like colour, the dyes are constantly being developed and improved.  They will have the most conditioning and nourishing ingredients and the longest lasting pigments but your clients won’t know the difference until they’ve actually tried them.  Having a Colour Reset in your salon when a home colour has gone pear shaped, could be the introduction to your colour services that advertising alone may not have attracted.

Clients who are extra creative

Hairdressers create so many looks as part of their normal week and any stylist worth their salt will have plenty of regular clients who come back time and time again.  Factor in the current trends and hair fashions and if you’re not careful you could have a conveyor belt of cloned styles walking out of your salon. This is fabulous for business of course, but having a more daring and creative customer is always fun to break up the norm a little.  So Colour Reset to the rescue! Knowing that you stock Colour Reset for when they have mishaps, means that the braver colour warriors will come-a-hunting for you for their solutions!  All you need to do then is work your own magic on how to get them to come back when they’re feeling creative....

Gently does it for cautious clients

Not everyone is brave enough to just try a new colour.  We all know that if we’re cautious about trying a ‘new thing’ our brains turn it into the biggest and scariest thing known to the whole of mankind.  So your tentative client who would desperately love to try something a little braver, isn’t thinking ‘yeah let’s go for it’ they’ve already played out all of the horror stories and are panicking that their hair will turn blue and they’ll be banished from society forever.  Well, maybe not quite but you get the gist!  Being able to show them that the ‘worst case scenario’ is that with Colour Reset you are back to the last oxidised colour, could give them the confidence to ‘dip their toe’ as well as hair into the world of colour for the first time.

Colour Reset is like Dutch Courage

If you know there’s no limits to what you can create, it makes you a whole lot more creative.  Where hair colour is concerned, your main limits are making sure you don’t damage your hair and making sure you have the confidence to carry off your new look.  The biggest culprit with hair damage is often bleach, so provided you’re not over-bleaching, this eliminates that risk of damage.  Colour Reset will remove all artificial colour safely and with ease, so this leaves you with the ‘how bold are you?’ question.  If you know the risk of a new colour can be undone, it gives you another level of confidence to go a whole heap bolder than you may have otherwise tried.  

Colour Reset will show your True Colours

It’s always great to try the various colours on offer but once you’ve started it, it can become an ongoing task. Take black for instance…  Once you’ve started it, you’re looking at a top up every 4-6 weeks for your roots.  The task of getting back to your natural colour from black is no easy task and you’re usually looking at a good couple of months to grow it out and lighten it as you go.  Even then you can’t guarantee it’s your own shade you’re dealing with.  Colour Reset does not lift natural depth or tone virgin hair and that’s a LOT simpler than the alternative! 

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